Services offered

Our goal at Upstream CFD is to provide direct access to our specialist expertise in the fields of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computational Aeroacoustics (CAA) and High-Performance Computing (HPC). We offer a range of services to suit different client profiles, from smaller entities with occasional need for CFD / CAA simulations, to large OEMs with significant in-house CFD / CAA and HPC resources.

CFD / CAA consulting

We provide aerodynamic and aeroacoustic consulting services based on high-fidelity simulations. Starting with a geometry and problem definition provided by the client, we select the most suitable simulation approach to capture the dominant underlying physics whilst respecting project-specific constraints on budget and lead time.

Since we handle the entire process, from CAD preparation and meshing through simulation execution to post-processing and the analysis of results, consulting projects are ideal for clients without in-house CFD / CAA resources.

Method development

For clients with existing CFD / CAA resources, we offer various method development services to enhance the accuracy, reliability and cost-effectiveness of in-house design processes:

  • Development of automated and adaptive simulation processes, customised for specific applications
  • Research and development, implementation and validation of improved CFD / CAA methods

Much of our method development work is based on the popular open-source software environment OpenFOAM®. We also conduct developments in proprietary codes owned or specified by clients, and have experience with a wide range of programming languages (e.g. FORTRAN, C++, Python).

For ambitious R&D projects beyond the state of the art, applying for public subsidy can be an ideal means to reduce the financial risk of innovation, as well as to establish the framework for a longer-term strategic collaboration. With experience in the application and coordination of successful EU and nationally-funded projects, we are happy to advise on the potential options available.

HPC support

We have in-depth expertise in the efficient and reliable operation of small to medium (approx. 200-1000 core) HPC clusters. Assuming sufficient utilisation rates, in-house HPC solutions of this scale can deliver significant cost benefits compared to outsourced facilities (e.g. cloud computing). We offer support for both the acquisition and operation of HPC clusters, including on-site maintenance, system administration and technical support services if required.


Please contact us for a quotation or for more details about our CFD, CAA and HPC services.